I have told myself to visit the WALL many times – never went – was supposed to go with Army friend who we bantered with each other for over 30 years – families were friends – kids played together too! Well, my buddy Jerome – had issues after he came home from Vietnam – had medical issues and demon issues too! He is no longer with us and I still intend to visit wall eventually- to see others as well who never made it back either. May their souls rest in eternal peace- AMEN
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  • Paul Carachilo

    Visit the Wall. The one thing that we think we have a lot of is Time. But actually Time is something that we never have enough of, so take the Time now. Vietnam 66,67.


    I thought that I was a tough guy, and that names, on a black wall, could not affect me. I can tell you that I was wrong. The Vietnam memorial has the power, to make us “feel” things that we had hidden inside of us. I was younger then, and probably bawl my eyes out visiting it at 69 years old. Vietnam 67, 68, 69.

  • Mike Jeffries

    Make it a point to go ASAP! It’s a lot of closure to say goodbye to old comrades.

  • Mike Thompson Sgt

    Make the trip time to face those demons

  • Lance Corporal Darryl Olver

    Served with K 3/9. Been making the same promise to myself for the same amount of time. Now I’m an old marine, just turned 70, so I have actually made a plan to go up next month. Going to the Marine Corps Museum and the wall. Went home after Nam and stayed for two days. Left and haven’t been back since. That will be my third stop. Go to Pennsylvania and see what’s left of the family. Haven’t told anyone I’m coming. Should be some trip. Mentally as well as physically. Driving, Florida to Virginia, D.C. then to Pa. and back. Haven’t been this anxious since A Shau!!

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