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Remember The Family Dog At Christmas

A happy pup indeed, I am! I have a family that loves me, all the food and water I need, and a comfortable place to stay. Who could ever want more?

My job is protecting my family, and I love my job! It is an honorable task and it suits my character well.

Even when the kids like to make fun of me, I know that deep down they love me and I show it in every way I can.

Sometimes, when you are weak or frustrated, you take it out on me. Even when you kick me and beat me, the love I have for you is so strong, it would take a terrible deed to make me turn on you, and one I do not seek.

Besides, when those people attacked the family awhile back, I was quick to react and even hounded them back into their hole. Although they hit me, and I thought for awhile there I would die, I never let up for a minute, because it is my FAMILY that is in need. And that’s my lot in life; no matter what, don’t quit, even if it means my life, because there is nothing more important to me than my family.

Although my space is small, I am comfortable curled up in a ball, keeping warm as I stay alert in my hooch for any threats to my family. Besides, I know some other dogs that don’t have anywhere near what my family provides for me, so they must love me, right?

Sometimes you can’t tell when I’m really hurting inside, but I never let that lessen my need to protect you from all harm.

When we are away from home, remember how excited I get as we come back home? I can hardly contain myself, and I show it as much as I can.

When you take me out to show me off to others, after I have accomplished some impossible feat in protecting my family, I love the attention I get. Even though it is short lived, I live for those moments. Nothing makes me feel better than a warm pat on the head.

So, my friends, when you are feeling a bit stressed out from all your Christmas shopping and visiting, I ask that you remember the family dog too this Christmas.

Your faithful unto death United States Marine.
Semper Fido!

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David Hannah - June 11, 2020

Amen Gunny48, dogs are family.

Gunny48 - June 11, 2020

I truly hope you NEVER beat a dog in front of without a d_mn good life or death reason. Some of my first memories are with a dog and I’ve never met a human I’d trust more. I will defend my “pack”. Semper fidelis.

Jim Gerwig - June 11, 2020

I miss my dog Butch.He was my buddy.He was always with me!There will never be another one like him!Jim Gerwig

W Rusty Lane - June 11, 2020

That, too, touched me. I surely miss my beloved “Lucy” my collie that I lost over 7 years ago. I miss her terribly. She was the only dog that understood me and my feelings. She was a “one of a kind” dog. I love all of our 5 dogs but I miss my Lucy the most.

Dale Anderson - June 11, 2020

This touched me deeply. I miss my good friend so very much. She was always there for me, just as Marines everywhere are ready to do whatever is necessary to insure the safety of their “family”. God Bless all Marines and their families. Semper Fidelis

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