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I was active from 1968 thru 1974 with a tour in Vietnam.

I’ve relocated several times in my civilian life, just couldn’t settle down.

I now work on an airforce base as a civilian employee.

I take a lot of good natured kidding about having Been in The Marines.
Mostly derogatory remarks like “Jarhead” and such.
But they also show a lot of respect.
Many times I ride my bike into the base and it has Marine On the front and Last out no one
left behind on the rear.
many times the gate guards after checking my ID have come to attention and saluted,
even though I’m civilian and they don’t have too. Pic of bike is attached.
They admit they considered it, but didn’t feel they would be able to meet the challenge
of our boot camp and training.
Many of the active Airforce people I have come into contact with have been TAD with a Marine unit (air towers, brigs, construction units).

They all say they came away with respect for us, but still feel they couldn’t take the
Most airforce people are just civilians in a uniform.
Very little respect in the enlisted ranks.
Jr enlisted back talk to the senior and everybody calls each other by first name regularly
or hey “bro” and such, during official duty assignments.

Sgt of Marines
’68 -74′

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