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Response to Boot Camp Stories

For some reason I got picked to work at the range mess hall during the rifle range. I was changing out the milk in the milk machine and there was a DI next to me in nicely pressed bravos. The clip came off the fresh container of milk and milk spewed everywhere. The DI was covered in milk. He was so pissed off, all he could manage was “Get out of my sight” through clenched teeth. So I did just that.

– Robert Haynes

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The Deuce - March 29, 2020

February, 1969, MCRD San Diego. After returning from the chow hall to the platoon area(and before heading out for PT) , I was ordered into the Drill Instructor Quonset hut for discipline for a minor offense while seated in the MH. Wearing my sweat shirt, shorts and tennis shoes I was placed up against a wall locker, where the DI commenced to use my solarplex as a punching bag. After several good licks, he noticed blood stains on said solarplex area of sweat shirt. He had rolled the skin off his knuckles because of my dog tags hanging inside my shirt. That is when the REAL fun began.

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