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Sgt Grit,

I really enjoy the newsletter, especially the pictures, so I decided to send my own. I joined the Corps in 1979 and after boot camp went to NAS Memphis for Avionics school. There I met two guys from back home, New Hampshire for me, Massachusetts for them, but home just the same. We spent the better part of 1980 in Memphis and then received orders to different bases. I went to MCAS Beaufort, SC., Jay went to MCAS Cherry Point, NC., and Mark went home to NAS South Weymouth, MA.

We kept in touch over the next 8 years and then contact kind of fell off as it can over time. Through a fluke Facebook encounter we linked up again and made arrangements to have lunch. What a nice time we had looking through old photographs and reminiscing about Memphis.

Jeff Strayer and his buddiesJeff Strayer's custom coin
I purchased challenge coins and had them custom inscribed to commemorate the reunion. After all, thirty years is a long time! We had such a good time we?re going to make it a regular event. So, here are my pics from that day, hope you enjoy them.

Jeff Strayer
1979 – 1987

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