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Reunion and Remembrance Ceremony for BLT 2/26: Friday, September, 14 through Sunday, September 16, 2018

Reunion and Remembrance Ceremony for BLT 2/26: Friday, September, 14 through Sunday, September 16, 2018

Are you a Marine or Navy corpsman who was with Battalion Landing Team 2/26 in the DMZ in Vietnam in September and October 1968?

Were you on LZ Margo?

Are you a friend or family member of such a Marine or corpsman? Or a family member of one of our brothers who we lost in the DMZ?

If you are, please join us in Detroit on the weekend of September 16, 2018—Friday, September, 14 through Sunday, September 16—50 years after the Battle of LZ Margo.

We will reconnect, reflect and remember a month that changed all of us forever, a month when we fought bravely against a determined enemy in dangerous conditions.

And it was also a month when we lost too many brothers, who are to us always the young men they were when they fell.

And, having endured much, having seen true patriots give their lives for our country, and having risked our own lives in the DMZ and in many other hard places, we came home to a nation that too often and for too long disrespected our service.

But we know what we did.

Please join us in Detroit. Together we will remember those days and pay our respects to the families of our fallen.

For more information about BLT 2/26 and our reunion and remembrance ceremony, visit our website @ .

Semper Fi,

Alan Green, 81s

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steven feld - December 28, 2023

I was with Whiskey Battery 1/12. Served in Vietnam close to the DMZ from Nov 67 to Dec 68 as a Field radio operator in a 4 duce morter battery. Several of us Marines in Whiskey Battery 1/12 were later reassigned to BLT-2/26 . Great and highly professional unit if I must say. We went aboard ship and spent most of our combat experience down South. That was some experience if I must say so myself.

Respectfully and Semper Fi
Steve Feld

Steven (Jake) Feld

Samantha Via - February 17, 2022

Alan Green. Maybe you do not remember me. Daughter of Maynard Lee Sinclair “MAD DOG”. I showed you my father’s documentations, his story thar he told me since I was a little girl and knee in all detail about that day September 16, 1968. I tried for over ten years to get my father’s story out and felt he deserved recognition for his heroic actions that day. My father died 8/1/2020 from 16 heart attack due to his PTSD from LZ MARGO. All I wanted was for him to die with some closure. My father was in of the marines that came up from the duggy hole a d grabbed a Machine gun and returned fire. He yelled for someone to hand him ammo and that man has his hand shot at. I found that man and his daughter and their stories were exact. I showed you and asked for you to help me honor my father and you said no because you could not recall it. I told you about how my father helped carry LCP Rivers and went to find Lawrence G. Bryant. There were also stories talking about a Marine that was unknown that returned fire. That was my father. I took care of my father because he is my hero and I will not stop fighting for him to get what he deserves and I will not have closure until I do. Until we meet again Dad, thank you for your sacrifices, my freedom, your service as you not only served 2 years in Vietnam, You survived Beruit bombing in 1983, you served this Country for 24 years. My hero. Maynard Lee Sinclair 9/19/1949- 8/1/2020

Stuart (Cris) Crisman - December 3, 2021

I was with E 2/26 every day of 1968..was on 861a on Feb 5 and lz Margo Sep 13 thru17..remember those days like yesterday! God bless every brave brother who gave life or limb.. you will never be forgotten…we members of BLT 2/26 hold our heads high for MAKING HISTORY not just living thru it..future generations will read our stories.. Sgt. Cris USMC.

ALBERT Baker - May 7, 2020

I was with Whiskey 1/12. We were attached to the 26th Marines 68-69. We were part of BLT 2/26 our boat was the USS DaLuth LPD-6. Our 4 deuce mortar battery supported the Grunts of BLT 2/26.

Ssmuel Hilburg - May 7, 2020

I was. with Golf 2/26 can’t make it to the reunion.

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