Reunion – Mardet USS America CVA 66

Reunion – Mardet USS America CVA 66 Admin |

The Marine Detachment USS America CVA 66 (early edition 1965-1969, but others welcome) will hold its sixth reunion in Washington, DC, from June 21 to June 24, 2018. Contact Les Holzmann by email –, for details.

Semper Fi!

PS: Thank you Sgt. Grit for your generous support with our reunions.

Les Holzmann


Wow that is a huge mardet. Our detachment on the USS St Paul CA73 was only 36 Marines.

Greg pawlik,

We (TBS 4-67) are planning a reunion in San Diego in Sept-Oct 2019 for 3-4 days over a weekend to celebrate our 52d year as Marine Corps Officers. We are all Vietnam Vets (1967-1969 timeframe). As we develop our schedule of events, would appreciate any thoughts you might have as to Marine Corps events we can schedule at MCRD, Miramar, etc. We have a few classmates, including a BGen, who are local in San Diego that will work logistics. Any and all thoughts appreciated. S/F

Ken Pouch,

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