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Ride Across America For The City Of Refuge Veterans Center Inc

Ride Across America For The City Of Refuge Veterans Center Inc Admin |

By: Keith D. Lambert

Watching my parents spend their last days here on Maui has been very satisfying, at times very stressful, and in the end extremely painful. I am thankful for the time I spent with them and am truly humbled to be their son. When my father, who was also a Marine Corps veteran, was still alive, I promised him I’d start a new veterans treatment facility providing medical and psychiatric counseling services. I was working on this project when my mother suddenly became ill and passed away too. Settling their estate, getting thru their most treasured possessions has been a priority and has left me feeling drained and completely lost. The only thing that remains is a promise to bring their ashes back to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where they raised their six sons. To honor my father, and all veterans past and present, I’ve decided to bring my parents on their final motorcycle ride across America to help raise funds for my non-profit veterans organization known as the City of Refuge Veterans Center Inc. I encourage any veterans out there that are bikers to join me on a ride across America, and to raise funds to build a one of a kind treatment center for veterans located on the island of Maui. I am seeking financial sponsors to help make this trip possible. If you’d like to become a trip sponsor, contact Capt. Keith Lambert directly at 1-808-344-4604 or email me at

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