Rolling Thunder Ending

Thirty Two years ago “Rolling Thunder” was born. Thirty One years ago the first ride of 2500 crossed the “Memorial Bridge” into D.C. 2018 saw nearly (estimated) 500,000 to 900,000 combined riders and spectators at the event. The founder Artie Muller just recently announced that 2019 could be the final run of “Rolling Thunder”.He cited rising cost,the lack of cooperation with the Pentagon and Metro Police and corporate support.I attended Rolling Thunder from 1992 to 2009. I will make it my mission to attend this 2019 ride one last time. Probably as a spectator but I will be there. Hopefully someone or some other organization can step in and continue the tradition and cause of POW/MIA.


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  • Harry

    Rick,I also would run into some a-holes but it was rare and usually drug or alcohol related. Harry

  • Buck Cpl 59-63

    If you have never been to Rolling Thunder ,it is quite an experience and something to see

  • Rick Oldenburg

    I rode in Rolling Thunder in 2017, my first time. What really surprised me, actually made me sick. How other Vet MCs treated the different clubs. I’m not going to name the club, but they were putting that MC over the fact that we all were veterans. I talked to veterans from Nam to the Sand box, to current deployment. We thought the actions of these ass___les were disrespectful to all veterans. I will be there this year and hopefully it’s not the last one.Sgt O.

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