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Saddam’s Hiding Place

Saddam’s Hiding Place

Sent to me from a friend in the Pentagon. This is where Saddam Hussein was hiding.

Hi everybody, I thought you might be interested in seeing the attached photos of Saddam’s hiding place, taken by the unit who captured him. One of the men in the unit is the son of my dad’s co-worker, Rolando. The straw-type hat he is wearing in one photo was Saddam’s.

The Soldier in the first 3 photos is 1SG Rolando Chacon, the unit was 4/42 Field Artillery Battalion from Fort Hood, Texas, stationed in Ad Dawr, Iraq. I am at work and don’t have any more Iraq pics on this computer. You might want to add captions. The first pic is of the Styrofoam cover to the hole he was hiding in. The second pic is of me crouching next to the hole entrance which was only big enough to get in and it hardly had any room to turn around in. The third pic is taken in front of the kitchen area with me wearing Saddam’s straw hat. The fourth pic shows me next to the hole with the Styrofoam lid and the rug that covered the lid.

Saddam would get in the hole, the cook or bodyguard would then place the Styrofoam lid over the hole, pour dirt over the lid and cover it a rug so that if a Soldier kicked the rug away, they would just see dirt under it.

Inside the hole was a foot long fluorescent bulb on the left side and small fan on the right. The fan was connected to a long pipe leading to a ditch behind the hole so he could get fresh air. I will see if I can find more Saddam site pics.

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