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Schooled At 8th and I

My wife of 32 years attended the first parade of this year at 8th and I.  As always it was a top notch show.  While we were sitting in the front row, 3 young ladies were behind us commenting as to why the official Marine Corps mascot was named "Chesty".  My wife turned around and "schooled" them about how the English Bulldog was so named in honor of "Chesty Puller".  Later when the Marines Hymn was played, I was quick to stand.  My wife had to tell the youngsters to sit down, that only Marines should be standing.  Red faced and "schooled" again they sat down.  Of course I was proud to be wearing my red "Semper Fi" hat that my wife bought from your fine store!

Gysgt BJ Wyland

Semper Fi 'til the day I die!

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