Scrap Lumber & Vodka

Scrap Lumber & Vodka

Had a few drinks in the back yard this past Sunday. I was staring at a stack of boards behind the shack and had an idea for some folk art to embellish my tool shed. The metal USMC seal was purchased several years ago from and adorned the front of the shed for years. This started out as a standard American Flag, but spacing the 50 stars was just too difficult after happy hour. A little bit of white spray paint and voila! I really like that it irritates my Air Force neighbor. It’s approximately 8′ x 5′ and be seen from far below the hill my house sets on. Semper Fi!
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  • Daniel Miller

    LOVE IT!!! Marine Corps stuff in my house (Man Cave), American flag and Marine Corps flag both mounted to my front porch swing, License plate frames, Etc. Oh ya, and a dresser drawer full of Marine T-shirts. My wife just shakes her head but she’s still proud of her Marine!!!! Semper Fi and ohhraaaahhhhhh!!!!

  • Charlie Richard

    Great stuff. So what if it irritates the neighbor, Air Force, read Quasi Military Semper Fi

  • Gio, Maj ret 71-91

    You used your Marine Corps abilities to improvise, adapt, and overcome to make your masterpiece. It looks great. Every Marine that I know has his home and vehicle displaying a Marine Corps Flag, or insignia to let the rest of world know that he is a Marine. I live in a rural area with small towns and each and every town I drive through I will see homes with a Marine Corps Flag on display. I have only seen one home with an Army Flag. I venture to guess your Air Farce puke neighbor does not have any kind of USAF display items on his house. Great job Marine! Semper Fi.

  • Sgt. Wolf aka Bob Rader


  • donald wright

    nice job Marine

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