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Second Wife of GYSGT/E7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr

By: Fern Zumalt

Being the second wife of GYSGT/G7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr. This man was a very very proud service man. He had 20 years and 12 years reserve in the Marine Corp. He passed away March 2012. He has a grandson serving in the Marines and his plans is for a career. I also have a second cousin in the Marines and lost both legs in Afganistan. He has never stopped since he got his new legs. You may follow his journey with his new legs at www.robjonesjourney. He has made several accomplishments and raised money for wounded warriors like him. He is still training for more accomplishments. I love SGT GRIT so I can show my Marine Corps Support & Pride. Thanks for letting me share.

Fern Zumalt

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