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Secretary, Legion Post 69 , Roncevert, W.V. – 9th Dist. Adjutant,Am. Legion in W.V. Admin |

MOS 0311, 0321,0331,0341 , 0351, 8541 (now o317) Scout Sniper in Viet Nam 1967-69. Member of the Pocahontas County Honor CorpsWe use M-1 Gerands manufactured in 19 ( performing final military rites for Honorably discharged Veterans upon family request ). The Honor Corps was established 28 years ago to provide this service because we are so rural various military units were not available . We use M-1 Gerands made in 1939 for the three volley salute . But we also have two Springfield 03 rifles painted white for ceremonial purposes & they flank the American Flag in all of our formations & functions .
Respectfully Submitted in their Honor,
John S. Lamb

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Carry on Marines -You are in are prayers.

Darrell Jennings,

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