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Semper Fi Brother, Mamadou “Mike” Balde

Semper Fi Brother, Mamadou “Mike” Balde

Last Tuesday, 29-year old Mamadou “Mike” Balde was on the platform of Chicago’s Jackson Station when four cowards confronted him and started an argument. Rather than get involved, Mike turned to walk away when they began to violently assault him. One of the men intentionally pushed Mike between two of the train cars as it was departing the station. Mike was dragged on the platform and struggled to free himself but was eventually killed when the train entered the tunnel. His final moments were unimaginable. The suspect who pushed Mike has since been arrested and charged with his murder.

Mike immigrated from the Republic of Guinea with his father and siblings when he was 9 years old. He joined the Marine Corps when he turned 18 and served two combat tours in Afghanistan. Mike officially became a U.S. citizen while he was serving on his 2nd deployment in Afghanistan

Submitted by: Johnny Castro Art

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Kapena - April 18, 2020

First off condolences to the family of Mamadou”Mike” Balde. He did not deserve this. The cowards who did this to our brother will surely pay one way or another. Unfortunately the casualties of wars go unseen and daily life post-war is another war our veterans deal with every day. I feel bad . So sorry for your loss. May justice be served. God bless Mamadou” Mike ” Balde. SEMPER FIDELIS.

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