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Semper Fi meaning!

I entered the Corps, mentored by my sisters husband, a Korean vet. I married a Marine brat of a career Marine WWII and Korean vet. She was also the God daughter of another vet of 42 years who served with her dad. We raised our grand children and the grandson joined the Navy the girl the Marines. Sarah Judah became a chriptological linguist in Postu and served two tours in Afganistian and rose to Sgt. She Married a Marine Cpl. while attending language school, he flunked his testing and wound up in MEU out of Camp Pendleton. 

I am retired with 100 disability from Vietnam. My Mother was contacted by my Wife every time she heard from me. My Wife was always faithful to let her know how I was. This helped my Mother get through her days as a Marine Mom. This is what I call SemperFi! My granddaughter Sarah Juda 1st RadBn, 1st MARDIV was like our own child. Her husband Sgt Stephen Juda was asked to let us know when he heard from her and responded by saying "no news is good news". That's all we ever received! I have never known a Marine who lacked the Marine's Semper Fi as much as he has. He has gone so far as to prevent Sarah from having contact with her parents. I guess Semper Fi means little to some young Marines!

I hope this is an isolated incident.

Tom Minfz, USMC RET

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