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Semper Fidelis
by Breann Arant

Drawing closer and closer
to where our new home would be
Parris Island came in to view
for all recruits to see

a funny felling in my stomach
grew as we drew near
a feeling i've often felt before
a feeling know as fear

the funny feeling grew and grew
as we were swallowed by the isle
my hands were growing clammy
my heart pounding wild

the sky was black as black could be
the air was slightly chilled
fear, excitement, adrenaline
my heart was completly filled

quickly and quietly we gather our things
as all recruits hurriedly piled out
our eyes bombarded by darkness
our ears invaded with shouts

we were issued standard clothing
allowed one phone call home
to tell out parents we were ok
and make our presence known

the weeks that followed were crammed with work
as we all longed for home
all we did was drill and drill
although none were alone

the time went by so very slow
graduation so far ahead
thats all we ever dreamed about
at night when we lay in bed

before we knew it ten weeks had gone by
the final test drawing near
i felt a feeling all too familiar
a feeling known as fear

reville was sounded at three a.m
the crucible comming soon
we gathered our equipment and our strenght
as we marched as one platoon

we overcame our obstacle and solved our problems
we did it as a group
we made it through one of the toughest days
with little time to recoup

with little food and little rest
we pushed on harder and harder
our final goal was in reach
so we went farther and farther

we fought with courage and with pride
as the final march was done
we had achieved our goal with honor and commitment
all out battles won

all platoons lined up in formation
as the ceremony proceeded
tears came to everyone eyes
because we knew that all had succeeded

i recieved my eagle globe and anchor
i shook my drill instructors hand
i realized i was no longer stranded at sea
but that she alone had led me safely to land

i now serve our country proudly
in the air, on land, at sea
I have been more proud to claim the title

Semper Fidelis

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