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Semper Fidelis Harley

Last year me and a small group of riders road our bikes from Sacramento, Ca. to Washington, DC. to spread Patriotism across our great nation and promote National Military Appreciation Month. We participated in the Rolling Thunder parade in our Nations Capitol. A camera crew followed us and filmed a documentary that should be out in August. It was and probably will remain one of the greatest experiences of my life. My family has 3 generations of Marines me being in the middle with my Father, his brothers, and my nephew being the rest. I had always dreamed of owning a Harley and having it painetd as a tribute to my Fathers generation in Vietnam and to all our Vets. The picture attached is a frame from the DVD coming out soon. The front of my bike says it all. “Semper Fidelis”, Always Faithful to my Marine Corps and to all our Vets. It is pretty obvious that the painting is to represent “The Wall”. The names are from KIA and MIA from California as well as a few of my Fathers friends that he lost in Vietnam. I will dig up some photos of the rest of the bike and send them to you. You can see a trailer of the documentary at under Road to Thunder. My goal, like so many others is to keep the memory alive of our Fallen Heroes and using my bike as a moving tribute has been a wonderful tool. Thank you for having your newsletter as a way to heal, share, laugh, cry and so much more. When people ask me why I am so Gung Ho and why Marines are so proud, I simply tell them you can’t and wouldn’t understand unless you earned your Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Being a Marine is truly embedded in your heart forever.

Semper Fi
Mike Perry
USMC / 2nd Bn 4th Mar

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