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Semper Fidelis Marines

Semper Fidelis Marines

Happy Birthday to all of you Marines out there. Especially our former Corpsman, and more Marine than Most… Doc Erasmos Riojas a beloved "Doc" in Korea and now Navy SEAL ret'd, also to the Members of the 49th Marines (all those living above the 49th Parallel). This video is available for your viewing pleasure men. Enjoy and Semper Fidelis Marines… Hand Salute to ALL of our veterans and allied veterans…

Parris Island: Cradle of the Corps

Check out the last photo and just think of being Canadian, having the last name of "Flowers" and being told I would never survive this ordeal on the island. They sure fooled me.

Gerry Flowers
USMC 0311 / 8654
Commander "Theodore H. Snow" Post, #75 CDN, Am/Legion
Past President Vietnam Veterans in Canada, Est. 1986
Past V.P. U.S. Naval School, Underwater Swimmers
Life Member Military Order, Purple Heart
Life Member Vietnam Veterans of America, #165
Life Member D.A.V.
Member 49th Marines, Mission. B.C.
Member F/O U.S.Naval School, Underwater Swimmers
Member Vietnam Veterans in Canada, Est. 1986
Past Member UDT / SEAL Association, Sponsored

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Erasmo "Doc" Riojas - July 8, 2022
Pro Deo et Libertate

I was deployed for 13 months to “The Land of the Morning Calm.”
We trained at Montford Point, Camp Lejeune, N.C. for the Basic FMF Corpsman School.
We were then sent to Camp Pendleton for more combat training including Beach Landing at
Del Mar seashore. After that we were sent to Cold Weather Training at the Yosemite Park for one week winter training with a long march up hills and valleys in fresh snow. Sleeping in the open and waking up covered with a hole in the snow made by our exhalation breathing air.
We went by train to Mare Island CA. and to USNAS Almeda. We were then flown all the way to Korea airfield. Loaded in trucks and taken to 1st MarDiv regiment Headquarter for assignment to a rifle company. I ended being assigned to FOX Co. 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment. We were transported by truck to Battalion Reserve up on the front line to join our platoon. Two corpsmen to a platoon. My other Corpsman was, McGee “Moose” (forgot his first name.) When we finished our tours on the front lines we were assigned to the rear with the gear to a Medical Company. I went to Charlie Medical Company. In January 1952 I was transferred to CONUS, Camp Pendleton CA. After a couple of months there I was assigned to shore duty of my Choice. Mine was USNAS Corpus Christi, TX. That was the end of wearing a USMC uniform. I was back to the U.S. Navy with the promotion to Second Class Petty Officer; HM2. Today It is July 08, 2022. I am retired from the U.S. Navy and live in Pearland, Texas, USA
/s/ Erasmo “Doc” Riojas; born in 1931 in the now ghost town: Dolores, Webb County, TX.

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