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By: Sgt. Daniel J. Daly

Although not as bad but after I came back from Vietnam I was drinking in the Tun Tavern down in downtown Jacksonville and a young lady I knew sat down at my table. I being a gentleman ordered two beers . We were speaking when I put my two fingers on my beer to pick it up. Well the glass beer bottle shot out between my fingers and landed up against the young lady’s dress drench her in Budweiser from head to foot. I felt like a heel and of course very embarrassed. She said don’t worry about, but I did and payed to have her dress cleaned. We remained friends for along time. Until I got out and left for home in 1969.

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MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984 - March 29, 2020

James – I need to make a small correction to your statement. U.S. Special Operations Command replaced U.S. Readiness Command as a unified commander on 16 April 1987 at McDill AFB. As a “plank owner” in U.S. Central Command/Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force, I have followed both their histories and activities over the years with great interest. I remember very well getting Gen. Robert Kingston’s marching directions to planning & operations when RDJTF transitioned to USCentCom in 1983. He stated simply that terrorism & unconventional operations should be foremost in all of our thoughts and endeavors. He proved to be very prophetic in that regard. Semper Fi!!!

James Kanavy, Cpl, 0311/0231 - March 29, 2020

I think the rise of the Seals was after Vietnam when special operations was consolidated in Florida Central Command and the Marine Corps leadership refused to let Marines be commanded by anyone but Marines. The other branches joined and that is where all of the funding went leaving Marine Recon out in the cold. Later someone figured out that the were cutting off their nose to spite their face and relented. Many Seals are former Marines as and Marines are part of Delta Forces. It is the way it should be. Each branch of service brings what it does best.

Don Macgregor - March 29, 2020

Navy seals
I never heard of them or about them when I was in Nam.
I saw a lot of dead Marine Recon hanging from extraction ropes coming in by chopper to VCB.
Now the “seals” have their own” TV show.”
It makes you wonder .

Bruce Guerin - March 29, 2020

You acted as a Marine should act.

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