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Sergeant Major

After several tours in combat situations, I agree that my scariest days as a Marine was at PISC in 1975. My third day there I was underneath my bunk with a SCUZZ BBRUSH sweeping up GHOST TURDS and thinking to myself What in the H*ll did I get myself into? I was a star football in high school but those Drill Instructors scared the Sh*t out of me!

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Alexander Kouray - October 30, 2021

Where did scuzz bucket come from?

Murray Hermanson - April 14, 2020

We did that Boot Camp scary thing last week. I see it says Sergeant Major on the Topic. That makes me think of the time in Feb 68 in Vietnam. When I returned from leave in Jan. they kept me in the rear with gear at Quang Tri. It was just being built up. My 1st Sgt at the time was checking the lines, and He and I had a difference of opinions one night. Its a long story. Not a fight, Anyway he punched me and I was detained. The next day I didn’t say anything about him punching me. So they didn’t give me office hours. He was up for promotion, made Sergeant Major for the Bn. a few weeks later. I saw a few years ago he went on to Get Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp. Good thing I didn’t say anything. He was a one of the Good Ones. Murray- Vietnam Dec 66 to Aug 68 back May 69 to Aug 69. Went with 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 2/26 and others on many operations.

Bill 0331 - April 14, 2020

Two times I can remember saying to myself “What did I get myself into”. 2nd night at PI and 1st night in Nam while at transient at 327 when the airbase was rocketed Bill 0331 2/1

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