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Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi

Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi

A decorated Marine and former 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, Combat Veteran, has been held in Mexican prisons since 31 March 2014 for accidentally making a wrong turn that led him to the Mexican border. Recently re-locating from his home in Florida to San Diego, CA, for treatment for PTSD – Sgt Tahmooressi had his belongings in his POV to include his personal firearms. With no way to turn around, once he arrived at the border he informed the Mexican border patrol of the situation and that he had his personal firearms in his possession. He was then arrested on weapons charges and was taken to Tijuana La Mesa Penitentiary. After many verbal and physical threats, abuse, and being subjected to poor living conditions – Sgt Tahmooressi was moved to El Hongo Prison in Tecate. His trial is ongoing.

Sgt Tahmooressi’s family, both by birth and Marine Corps wide, have been working diligently to get him released. As Marines we know that more can, should, and needs to be done here at home and in Mexico. Check out how YOU can get involved by visiting the website:

Semper Fi!
Continue to carry on until our Marine is back home!

Sgt Grit

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