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Sgt E5, '1959 -1968

By: Ted K. Shimono

I understand the meaning of being a mechanic on the F18. When the program first started on the F18 at Northrop I was selected as one of the managers to review areas of the F18. Was reassigned to other departments as a department managers, but eventually in 1992 was assigned to the F18 A/B/C/D line as manager as ME support manager. What a transition from other assignments over the years back to the F18 program. Yes, you can be proud of what and how we made this excellent fighter become and the military members (Marines) who proudly maintained, flew and continue to keep it in the air. I am proud to have worked on the F18. To all Marines that worked on this fighter, Semper Fi. Be proud, you did a great job and those that came after, keep them FLYING.

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