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Sgt Maj Dan Daley – Cypress Hills National Cemetary

Sgt Maj Dan Daley – Cypress Hills National Cemetary


I wanted to share this picture of Sgt Maj Dan Daley, he is buried in Cypress Hills National Cemetary, Brooklyn, NY. When I visited his grave, it was overgrown with weeds and the headstone was unreadable to to weathering and dirt. We cleaned it up with soap and water, cut the grass around the grave, and placed two Sgt Maj chevrons on either side of his name, which unfortunately I can not find at the moment. Sgt Maj Daley, is a relative on my mothers side of the family, and from the stories about him, I can tell you he was all Marine and very gung ho. I was told he worked as a bank guard after his retirement, and apprehended a bank robber single handedly, which after his past exploits in the Marines is hardly worth mentioning here, but thought you should know.

Semper Fi
John O’Brien
Cpl, C/Co 1/3, 0331, RVN 68-69

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