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SGT Matthew Marks Re-ups

Sgt Matthew Marks re-enlisting

SGT Matthew Marks Re-ups

For the past several months, we have been on this roller coaster ride with our son Matthew, the first of the two Marine sons currently serving in Iraq on the same base with his brother.

?Clear out my bedroom Mom? he would say over the phone. ?Is there room for my furniture?? he would ask. ?This is your home and whatever help or assistance you need we will be here for you!? we would reply. ?If plans are for you to get in school, no rent here!?, we let him know. Our biggest concern was his commitment to school and we would do whatever he needed to concentrate on higher education, financial needs would not be his worry.

?Dad, plan on riding with me and my ?stuff? in July,? Matthew said needing a second driver for the long haul home. David already had the dates on his calendar.

Constantly in the last few months, Matthew asked for our opinion, but we were careful with our response:


The only person you have to prove anything to is YOU.

Then we receive:

I am re-enlisting as soon as my package comes back approved.

It?s just what I have to do. When on XMAS day I’m out in the field sleeping in a tent and cold as hell, but I’m surrounded by a group of guys who I can laugh and have a good time with even in a sh@#$$y situation, I will never find that anywhere else but the Marine Corps. Or when someone is short on money and needs help, you have every Marine trying to help you out, you don’t get that anywhere else but the Marine Corps. Or when all of y’all are at a bar and someone tries to pick a fight with you, well that person just picked a fight with everyone that you are with b/c you mess with one Marine you mess with all of them. Or just the pride of wearing the Uniform, and to be able to call yourself a United States Marine, b/c that is the greatest feeling in the world. There is nowhere else I can work and act like a little kid all the time, and just have fun. Deep down I love this sh#$! I’m going to re-enlist and do 20 yrs and become a Chief warrant officer, b/c I love being a Marine! This is my career path and if I get out, the civilian world just is not for me. I like getting dirty, yelling, shooting the rifle, and being able to wear this uniform.

I would miss this too much. I’m a freaking Marine, how many ppl can say that!

David and I have always told our kids we would support them no matter what they wanted to do (as long as it is legal and they can support themselves), because the most important thing in life is to love what you do. This is what Matthew loves to do and we are proud of him.

As you can tell from the attached picture, his package arrived. I read the words and viewed the picture through tears that filled my eyes. His decision has been made and from the emails we are receiving from Marines, again I am reminded of their motto, ?Semper Fi?

Karen Marks

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