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Sgt. Roper and Captain Slatic Admin |

Sgt. Roper and Captain Slatic

Gents, I enjoyed the recent pieces on 55 year old Sergeant Roper. Enjoy the attached photo of Sgt. Roper and me. It was taken last October/November about 60 clicks north of Fallujah on ASR Golden. I arrived at an Iraqi Highway patrol VCP and while I was walking around, I see this Marine who looks even older then me. I don?t get this very often as I was a year older then the MEF Sergeant Major at the time, having 18 years of broken service and being the oldest Captain in the USMC. Sergeant Roper explained his situation and it was very motivating even to another old warhorse such as me. Our reasons for coming back to do this again, not surprisingly, were identical. You don?t often see a photo of two Marines with a combined age of over 100?.at least not outside of MEF Headquarters.

Semper Fidelis,
Captain T.P. Slatic
C Company
4th LAR

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