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Sgt Sean P Armstrong

Sgt Sean P Armstrong

Hello to all Marines! My sad news is that my son Sean P Armstrong, who served in the Marine Corp. from 1993-2002 has passed away. He graduated from Camp Lejeune, NC. My heart is broken and I will never be the same without him. He was my life. He was going to the VA for help at the time of his death but whatever was wrong with him they apparently couldn’t fix. This all happened in January and we are still waiting to hear what/why he passed away. I am so hurt that I couldn’t have his service until now. I hope I’m strong enough to handle it. I’ve looked through his belongings and he still has so much of his Marine gear. I was told to donate all the uniforms, including the dress blues to the VFW. We were told they use the uniforms for parades. I had all his military uniforms cleaned at a local cleaners who charged me half off because they were being donated. (wonderful, thoughtful and caring people) He left two graduation books which I would like to give to someone who graduated at that time and couldn’t afford the book or have lost theirs. I don’t want any of his things to go to waste. He and every Marine deserves better. I remember when he was in boot camp he told me that one of his DI’s name was Armstrong. If there is anyone out there that remembers this DI or was in at that time please contact me with more information that would match what I have and I would be glad to send you a book. Thanks! Semper Fi
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