Sharp and Sober

Sharp and Sober

Iwakuni, Japan in the mid 1950’s, My good buddy Nick Dubovick and I returned to base after a pretty wild night on the town. The next morning I found a crumpled piece of paper in my pocket, entirely written in Japanese. Didn’t ring any bells with me so I asked Nick if he had a clue. He said that he found the same paper in his pocket so we showed them to our Japanese houseboy. He said that they were from a tailor shop and that we had bought a couple of sport coats.

That evening we went back in to town to see exactly what the h*** we had bought. They turned out to be bright red velvet coats with baby blue silk linings and our initials on the pocket in gold thread. After we got over the shock we wondered if we would have the b***s to wear these in public. We decided we would wear it, only if the other one wore his too. The enclosed picture was taken in the Miss Iwakuni Bar. Nick is the short one. We never did remember having these jackets made and/or paying for them. I think they cost us 3,000 Yen which was under $10 back then.

Nick is now serving in Post Everlasting and I often think of the years of absolutely crazy stuff that we did while in Japan. I could write a book but only a few would believe it.

Semper Fi

Sid Gerling
Sgt. of Marines

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