I have an 18 yr. old grandson who is a good guy, but with character flaw. He’s is a slob. His facial hair is coming in black, not real heavy, but vary noticeable. He shaves every 3 or 4 days. It looks like crap.

I tried to explain that he needed to have some self pride. And he should shave every day, if not every day at least every other day. This went in one ear and out his a$$. Still a slob.

This brought back an experience I had in boot camp ( MCRDSD ). Our platoon had just been formed and we had just received our first uniform issue. Utilities, boots socks and such. Our Senior Drill Instructor S/Sgt Colter had the platoon fall out in our schivies and bring the shaving kit we were issued with the bucket issue.

Once in formation Sgt. Colter started his inspection, walking back and forth in front of the formation. He stopped right in front of me. He then ask if I shaved ?

My response was NO.

He then began to explain the proper response to a question ( a little painful I might add ). He then ask, how many in this HERD shaved. He had them rase their hands. About half shaved. He then returned his attention to me. Sh$t-head have you ever shaved ? Again my answer was, a resounding NO. I was again given instruction in the proper way to address the drill instructor. And again it was vary painful.

At this point S/Sgt. Colter explained very clearly how we would shave. And how much time we would have to Sh$t-shower-and shave. Five minutes. “FIVE MINUTES, FIVE MINUTES “. I can’t crap in five minutes. Then he said, hit the showers, get, get, get. Looked like a dam fire drill. a$$holes and elbows. When we got back in formation, you can’t believe how much toilet paper was stuck on our faces, I looked like a mummy. Back in the fifties when you received your bucket issue, we were issued the Gillette double-edge razor. This dam thing was a good way to commit suicide.

This was my experience and I’am sure most marines of this era have had similar. I am 76 years old and every time I shave, I think about this. Drill Instructors make one hell of an impression.

Chuck Wilson
Plt. 1019 1958
Sherman, Texas

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