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She Needed A Hug

She Needed A Hug

I was at the airport on Feb. 19th 2006. i had just got married 6 and a half hours prior and me and my new husband were walking to the elevators, him in his dress blues and me in my wedding dress. Just before we got to the doors i saw a young woman with a red USMC sweat shirt on. she was hiding her face and i wasnt sure why until she got closer. She had tears over flowing from her eyes. i turned as she passed behind me and asked if i could give her a hug. she turn with her tear full eyes and shook her head up and down and said yes. I walked up to her and held her and patted her back tyring to comfort her. She said her husband had got onto a plane that morning. She held me soo tight. We both cried and i told her i hoped for a safe return and she let go and thanked me and my husband. And we both went on our ways she had a flight to catch and so did we. My husband didnt understand who she was ro why i stopped to hug her and even though i explained it i dont know if he still understands. I hugged her because i knew i would want a hug if i was in her place. This is for any woman at the airport seeing her man leave a BIG hug for you to know you are not alone. OORAH SEMPER FI!!!!

wife of Cpl John Raabe

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