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Show My Pride Outside

Show My Pride Outside

Here is how I show my pride outside. I maintain this yearly and refinish it when necessary. Wisconsin weather is tough on everything outdoors.
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Donald Sofia - July 7, 2020

Thanks Jerry Powers. The Red and Blue was my attempt to mimic our Dress Blues. I could just as easily done a camouflage job, but I thought this was more outstanding. I have been a Sgt. Grit magazine subscriber for many years. Its time for me to restock up on Marine Corp stickers and labels from his catalog book, don’t dare run to low. OOW-RAH. 🙂

jerry powers - July 7, 2020

my wife rules the inside, but i am on the outside. real nice mailbox. would like to have one, mine has a eagle on it. i like that red white and blue. have a blessed day.

Lawrence L. Johnson - July 7, 2020

I just can’t wait to receive my first magazine .I want to order items for Father’s Day.

Lawrence L. Johnson - July 7, 2020

I can’t wait until I get my first magazine. I want to oder a few items for Father’s Day.It looks like a great magazine.

Don Sofia - July 7, 2020

Ok, will do. And YES I was in the 3rd Division, I was also in Force Troops in the 2nd Division. But…… No, I am not in the organization that you mentioned, I will check it out. Semper-Fi, Marine.

Paul E. Peterson - July 7, 2020

Don: I love your mailbox. If you served in the 3rd Div. are you a member of the Wis. Chapter. Go on line to view information at

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