Show Your ID.

Show Your ID.

By: Ronald Zeigler

As you all have heard, there are plenty of people who will impersonate a Veteran to get the meager perks that are offered to us. One way to help in weeding out these creeps is to show any military id that you have. On more than one occasion I’ve been offered a military discount just off of my wearing one my Sgt. Grit caps or other apparel. I always insist on showing my VA id and informing the person that they should always ask for it. Anyone can buy apparel. All those guys wearing Yankee gear never played for that team. Those of us who are Vietnam vets know that in today’s climate, “Thank you for your service”, is becoming a buzzword. I do feel that most people are sincere and it is my own experiences and biases that cause me to bristle before I smile and say thank you. Take care, all Veterans and active duty. Semper Fi!
Sgt. of Marines, 2/4 & 2/26, Vietnam ’67-’68.

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • david r hurtado

    how would u get a veteran id card instead like on a day like veterans day not to carry ur DD214 just asking l/cpl weapons company 2nd bat 3rd marines KANEOHE BAY HAWAII 86 TO 89 semper fi

  • Sgt G

    what’s wrong with violence?

  • Sgt G

    One wrong answer, and they are a phony vet? And what if you never had a “serial number”? What unit did he serve…What Marine has only served in a single unit? I agree with the MOS question, but the others are huge gray areas. Usually, just a casual conversation with them will easily reveal if they are full of shit, or not.

  • James Stamey

    NC now has a Veteran DL with your DD 214.

  • Mike Gollihur, former Sgt. of Marines 65-69

    On Veterans’ Day last week, a local steak house was giving away a steak dinner to vets who had ID. I saw several folks with their DD-214 in hand, but I had recently found my red inactive reserve ID card that expired in ’71. The server did a double-take and remarked about how she hadn’t seen an expired one before, but I got fed! Semper Fi, Brothers, and Happy Birthday, as well.

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