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SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps

Marine vet Jim Barber has compiled a collection of very funny stories about Marine Corps boot camp as told by those who were there. More than 90 very funny stories submitted by Marines, following the age-old tradition, who innocently left their secure, teenage life to blunder into the upside-down world created by the need to transform them from their soft civilian selves into the proud brotherhood they became. This book will be appreciated by all vets who went through some form of boot camp, as well as by civilians. But it will be most enjoyed by Marines who, wherever they congregate, find the conversation always goes back to who had the toughest D.I. While not always so funny at the time, we can now look back, laugh, and say “Yeah. That was me. A real shitbird.” GREAT BOOK FOR VETS. Ask for an excerpt.

SPECIAL OFFER – This author recently attended the 73rd REUNION OF HONOR commemorating the anniversary of the WWII battle for Iwo Jima. While there I secured a small amount of the black volcanic sand/ash from the invasion beaches. As long as the supply lasts purchases made through me will be accompanied by a sample of that sand which can be used for a nice display.

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R M Dinwiddie/SGT USMC-2219704 - April 14, 2020

I bought Jim’s book and found out that so many Marines experienced The Same S**t in their own platoons whether it be at MCRDSD or PI–I was in Plt2093 May’69. I corresponded with Jim on the side–My Dad Served in WWII 4thMarDiv;4thMar Reg;3rdTankBtl;23rdMarines as a Tank crewman/gunner–South Pacific Island hop—Saipan;Tinian;Tarawa;IWO JIMA;Okinawa–Yes Jim sent me some of the sand from the beach when he was there for the 75th anniv. And pictures He had taken of the beach,bunkers, and Mt Surabachi 75 years later—I in return sent him pictures My Dad had taken on the beach invasion,as it happened,that day,that time,from a tankers view–some of Jim’s pictures on the beach were almost Exactly where my Dad had taken–Except Dad’s showed the landing crafts- the damaged personel boats,the destroyed enemy tanks and the beach front burm/ridge–As the western song says-“You should have seen it in color.” We both were able to add to our own memorials of that day.If my dad was still alive(1925-2016) I’m sure He would like to see what it looks like present day. My brother served ’65-’69-(1/9) “Walking Dead” and I served ’69’73/’73-’75 1st MAW–Mag36–31st MEU–HMH462 AviElect/Crewchief/gunner.

Nick - April 14, 2020

I’m with you Harold. I did not join the Marines to protect socialism or,even liberalism. My Father did not go to WW-2 to protect socialist,He went to fight the socialist.I am not as old as you but I’m old enough to know right from wrong. Most of my adult life I was a registered demorat until it took a left turn starting with the Carter administration and ,just like Reagan “I did not leave the party the party left me”. Some one said once that “The United States,under the guise of liberalism will wake up one day a socialist nation without even realizing that it happened” America better Wake the F@#K up.The leadership of the demorat party is being over run by the commies Its time to call for a “Broken Arrow” Trump has the personality of a wart hog but so did Patton and Chesty but, they spoke their mind no matter what and got the job done! forget being politically correct that is Bull Sh@t Nick 0311/8531 TET 68

Harold Allie - April 14, 2020

Maybe we should relax im 85 but it sure pains me to see what is happening to our country that is becoming communist or liberal (almost the same) and to old and helpless to do anything about it whats in the future when people don’t even stand for colors or the anthem?Nor respect the president of these here united states I heard Chesty say i dont like the SOB but i respect the office of the President. not any more half the people want to tear down the opposite even if they destroy the constitution we are in some deep trouble . do you think we can count on us old Marines to square it away? just asking from an old man? will i need my dungarees and 782 gear i should at least be able to set the windage and elevation for someone that can use a piece.

Harold Allie - April 14, 2020

Yes and in there place in our own congress is Tlaib, Omar , AOC and Pelosi as squad leader wonder what the Marines on “IWO” would have thought of a squad like that? ,had they been able to see the future with that squad wearing white kkk uniform of the day a while back on the floor of the congress?

Harold Allie - April 14, 2020

Good answer.

David Brown - April 14, 2020

Jim, How do I get hold of you to order your book? I tried looking you up online but get all kinds of other people. We help out with the Young Marines in our county and thought they would love to read it. The sand of Iwo would be great for my display. Sgt. David Brown

James White - April 14, 2020

I just bought the book maybe I have read half of it brings back a lot of memories. Laughed at what I didn’t laugh at then. Enjoy reading the stories here on Sgt Grit also get some good laughs wife probably thinks I’m crazy setting here laughing. I guess you would have had to been there

Paul 0311 - April 14, 2020

NO!!! not you Murray! BRENDAN!! Sorry for the confuse Paul 0311

Murray Hermanson - April 14, 2020

Paul, If you are talking to me, I crawled out of every hole I dug and You couldn’t insult me. Even though you are an 0311 I bet I dug more holes than you. Murray

Ted J Clark - April 14, 2020

This is my rifle…This is my gun……..

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