Sick Bay Commandos Call

Our second day of boot camp at MCRD the drill instructor called for all sick bay commandos to step forward one boot did the Di asked what his problem was an he said he had a ear ache the DI said what ear he told the DI which one he walks around takes hold of it pulls on it looks into it goes back around an say he couldn’t see anything wrong an was the boot sure it hurt yes he said the DI goes back looks again comes back around say he didn’t see any thing wrong. So he asked again how bad does it hurt boot says real bad sir the Di said well tell me which side hurts worse a slaps the boot upside the head his cover goes flying he goes down like a sack of dirt. DI drags him to his feet replaces his cover sideways an ask did he still need to go to sickbay now. Course the answer was a loud NO SIR.The rest of us did at least a 150 to 200 squat thrusts for laughing BUT NOBODY ever fell out for sick call again.
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