Silver Star: Half Century Later

Silver Star: Half Century Later

I just read in The Purple Heart magazine that a Marine Vietnam Vet had received a Silver Star for action while serving with “D” Co. 1st Bat.3rd Marines He was given the award at a ceremony hosted by the National Museum of The Marine Corps. The award was presented to L/Cpl Raymond Kelley on 18-May-2018 exactly 51 years after the action. On 18-May-1967 Kelley was a machine gun team leader when his unit was tasked with to provide relief to a pinned down unit. His team began to receive heavy fire and took multiple casualties. Disregarding his own safety he repeatedly placed himself in the open to assist the wounded Marines and help them to the platoon command post where they could receive medical attention and while ignoring his own wounds continued to fight until the enemy disengaged. It did not say where this took place maybe someone reading this has more detail. Anyway, congrats LCpl Kelley wherever you are and, as always well done and SEMPER FI!!


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  • Murray Hermanson

    Ray, not much is said about the close air support on that operation. What do you remember? I was with Lima 3/9 and we connected to 1/3 on the line of defense when we got the close air support. I think you know what I am talking about. They never told us how many, just said a squad. Do you know, it’s always brother me.

  • Harry

    You’re welcome Ray.

  • Ray Kelley

    Harry….thanks for putting the story in the newsletter, I really appreciate it…..Semper Fi….Ray

  • Ray Kelley

    Hi T….I feel the same way about you my friend….Semper Fi….Ray

  • Ray Kelley

    Hi Ralph…..I hope all is well with you and yours my friend….Semper Fi….Kelley

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