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Special Gift

Special Gift



I just wanted to send some support and love to my husband who is serving his 2 tour in Iraq. Our son who is eleven was really missing his dad. We changed gears and went from Marines to Army. So the tours are a lot longer. So I wanted to get him a special present this christmas, even know I couldnt bring his father home, I wanted him to see his father everday, and know why he he gets to play. I took his bike and took it to Bud at S&SKustums and told him what I saw, how I wanted my son to see my husband ,when he got on ,and also all the others who serve now, and tomorrow. Three months later its here . I wanted to share it with you. Its a sweet bike. I will never forget where I came from my husband said. He is very proud of the Marines. It was the Marines who made him a man, a ” great” man. One has to start a journery somewhere why not here. Thank You for all your support.

Sari Fisher
wife of SGT Robert Fisher 1 cav 3/82

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