Spit Shined Boots and Boondockers

Yes I remember those days. Boot camp MCRDSD 1959. Being the only Japanese American recruit in boot camp, you can imagine what it was like. Yes I did got thumped by a Jr DI, because his older brother was KIA on Iwo Jima. The senior DI took care of him prior to graduation. My boot and boondockers , dress shoes were always shining When I joined my battalion after bootcamp and ITR, my boots and boondockers were the brightest you ever saw. My platoon sargeant and platoon commander always asked me how I did it. Just told them, spit/polish and a good polish rag. Was like that for 10 years.
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  • S/SGT. M.L.Gregor

    boon dockers spit shined ?? boot camp mcrd Diego march 1950

  • Robert Dickerson

    I recall standing daily inspection at 2nd Motors with a sergeant who was getting out of the Corps after 10 years – he had decided there were other things he wanted to do while he was still young enough to do them. At any rate he was developing a rather creative short-timers attitude. When the platoon commander (2nd Lt.) complimented him on his exceptionally shiny boots and asked how he got them so shiny, the sergeant replay “black glossy lacquer, Sir”. It cracked all of us up, including the Lt. That comment still cracks me up when I think about it.

  • Jesse Griffin VSM CAR CIB

    The Coccorans (sp) in the picture do take a good shine. Did Marines wear jump boots back in the day? Just kidding.

  • Don Cook

    In 56, I was in plt 268 MCRD San Diego. We shined our boots and boondockers with Kiwi polish and a rock.

  • thomas R Paul

    I went to P.I. in 69 no camouflage utilities. no tile floors, wood floors scrubbed by brush so many times that they shone white.

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