Spit Shined Boots and Boondockers

Yes I remember those days. Boot camp MCRDSD 1959. Being the only Japanese American recruit in boot camp, you can imagine what it was like. Yes I did got thumped by a Jr DI, because his older brother was KIA on Iwo Jima. The senior DI took care of him prior to graduation. My boot and boondockers , dress shoes were always shining When I joined my battalion after bootcamp and ITR, my boots and boondockers were the brightest you ever saw. My platoon sargeant and platoon commander always asked me how I did it. Just told them, spit/polish and a good polish rag. Was like that for 10 years.
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  • Howard Hada

    I remember in Sea School…..we “improvised”….In lieu of using spit or water, we discovered Pledge (funiture wax)…when spit shining, we used a little pledge on the rag…at one time, one of the instructors (Gunny) wondered out loud, “Not much polish, but what a fantastic finish on your shoes PFC”…back then, the shoes were raw leather and we used Kiwi midnight brown…on our rough boots, we used to “bottle shine”…..looked like patent leather! When ever we went into town on liberty, you could tell who the Sea School Marines were because the index and middle fingers were permanently stained by the shoe polish!!

  • bruce s bender

    still spit shine boots today – get compliments too@! Semper Fi

  • Kevin M. Keener

    Jump Boots???? (wore them too because they shined up real nice)…got lectured and threatened in A-school in Memphis because a Gunny insisted they were UNAUTHORIZED, (as I never went to jump school). Had I not graduated at the top of my class, I probably would have ended up in outland Adak, AK….Never got flak for it in the grunts, only in the wing…..


    Spit shine followed me. I always had the shineyest shoes in the office. You can’t break old habits.

  • Pamela

    I used to spit shine my ex’s boots lol worked great.

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