In July 1968 I arrived at Hill 861s and was soon met by a couple of Marines who took a look at the new Corpsman who delighted in calling me a “squid”. I thought for a moment as I had never been addressed in that term. I then asked them if they knew what a “squid” was. They replied,no and I informed them that a squid was something floating in the ocean sh–ng on Marine life. They then called me Doc for the rest of my time there over looking Khe Sanh. My second item to address is very close to my heart. It concerned a Marine serving with me in 1/26 Company C. We were patrolling the Ah Shau valley one day when my radio operator, a black Marine from somewhere back East turned to me and began trying to take off my Caduses. I asked him what he was doing? He stated he was taking off my insignia , so the VC would shoot him instead of me as there was a $250 bounty on me by the VC. At the time I laughed and told him thanks for the thought but reminded him that the same bounty was on him as a radioman. Al I remember was his name we used as SCOTTY and I do not remember where he was from. The thought of what had transpired Did not hit me until much later. This Marine was willing to sacrifice his life for me. I cannot think of a greater gift. Loved my Marines….RIP DOC John GOTT, Kia 1/26 Marines 18 DEC 1968 Hai Van Pass VN.
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  • Aaron Waldon

    A Marine and his Corpsman, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Fred Monahan

    “Doc” Scotty Gott, KIA was from Wilmington, Delaware

  • Harry

    No worries Murray! It was not the content of his comments but more his confrontational attitude that got to me. I have a 14 year old Grand Daughter with less attitude,if you can believe that.I have been reading,writing and commenting on Grit since 2003 and, have gotten into some good back and forth conversations some pretty heavy at times. I’ll get over it, as will he. Harry

  • Harry

    DOD Printout 2008, while helping in a Stolen Valor project. Peace Brother.

  • Murray hermanson

    Harry don’t let him brother you, when I read the email he posted earlier I had to refrain from answering back, I never heard of anyone who let their mos do the talking for them, except Navy Seals. I knew you wouldn’t( refrain). I am sorry if I say things that get you in trouble, he seems to lump what I say with you. One of my replies was going to be about awarding him a third purple heart, for breaking his arm patting himself on the back. I figured that might be out of line though I am just here to have fun, but I don’t have time the posers any more either.

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