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SSgt Moreno's car decals

SSgt Moreno’s car decals

SGT Grit,

Just to let you know that I received my latest order of the USMC see through decal and the Fallen Marine decals. Again, I thank you so much for the service that you provide..

As you can see by the attached photos of my vehicle, I have proudly attached them to it and I have received a lot of compliments from former Marines. I have had Marines come from behind me as I am driving down the streets and they honk their horn and let me know by giving me the sign of victory and a thumbs up! That really makes my day.

Sgt Grit, I am very proud to have served my God country with the U. S. Marines and like the saying goes ” A Marine, always a Marine”

Keep up with the great work with the news letters for I do really enjoy reading the great stories from our Marines.

God bless you, the Marines and God bless the USA!!!!

SSGT Mario Moreno
Semper Fi!!!!

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