Starting out from -zero

By: Dennis Ray Smith 

When I joined the Corps in July of ’57 we were flown from Portland,Or. We landed at Los Angeles and one of the guys asked the stewardess if we could get off the plane and stretch out legs. The nice lady said sure; long story made short the plane took off without us, we had to catch a later flight and when we got to San Diego we were already in deep ****. Helluva way to start out!

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  • Jim Barber

    Funny story, Dennis. If you’d like to share it for possible publication please let me know at I have written one book about funny boot camp experiences with over 90 stories submitted by the Marines who experienced them called “SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps.” I’m seeking more material to either publish a new book or revise the original to include new material.
    Semper Fi

  • Jim Lynch

    Me too Dennis, but we flew from Denver and SD was fogged in so landed in LA and got a bus to SD bus terminal where I called MCRD and finished the last leg in a six-by. Plt 178. Sgt Lowe SDI, Sgt Beene JDI, and others I prefer to not remember. J. L. Lynch

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