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Still Looking, Time vs Health

At age seventy-one and having been searching absolutely everywhere, I have yet yo find my grad book or because I was told that it got reprinted but was issued with the wrong numbers, also unable to find more info on that.  Even my DI's can't be found.

PI,  Plt # 339 Platoon, series #336. Jul 7, 1961 to Sep/Oct 1961.   HDI, S/Sgt Rushing; ADI's Sgts Fox, Long and Phillips.  We did extra weeks because of mess duty.  The Series Commander was a 1st LT Silvers, just out of OCS.

This book and any photos (which would be all I had left) was to be given my son, the third in our three generation Marine family.  I also have two step grandsons now serving at LeJeune.

As for weapons issued, we had the M1 at PI and at Geiger.  I'm busily looking for an M1 Garand for home.  As for chow, the only thing I do recall that I really liked was Sundays and the Baked Ham w/ raisin sauce.  I have yet to find anything as great as that recipe.

Hopefully, as my health has really dropped, I can find my grad book.  I was really pushed again with my search after reading about the 1973 fire and have come to understand how I got what sloppy records were left and why.  The VA was the only place to get them… smudged and damaged.  Cripes, I'd at least like to find a photo of me and get my certificates replaced along with my Medals.

For your time, my son and I want to thank you.  Semper Fi.

Thearle J. Lacey      1970xxx

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Pvt. Thearle J. Lacey, Jr……1970xxx, USMC - July 15, 2020

As of today, October 30, 2016, I still have not located my grad book for Plt. #339 of the 336 Series, July 7, 1961 to Sept 27, 1961. As I had stated in the letter dated November 25, 2015, the HDI was S/Sgt Rushing and the JDI’s should be corrected to Sgts. Long and Patterson. I did receive an offer of help from a fellow Marine from that Platoon and he sent me on line an uploaded copy of the Platoon picture with the promise of more to come. (Heck, it’s been so long, even I couldn’t find me on the picture until I blew it up and went slowly by each person.) This is the only picture I have been able to send my son, himself a Marine from SD, 1995, Plt. #1050. I had hoped before my passing to give him more but during my communications with the Marine brother to assist him in finding me in his grad book, he suddenly sent me a letter saying he just couldn’t do it nor take the memories I had tried to exchange so he could identify me for more photos. Two letters later he refused, while the last letter was met with silence. I had further requested at least the dress blues photo so I could give that to my son, who was disabled and left crippled from a drunk driver accident, to add to my Dad’s Marine photos (WW II, Guadalcanal et al). Many Brother Marines have helped me through a great deal in these past years. I wasn’t expecting to be turned down by another, especially when I explained that to recover and update my Marine files, they requested a Uniform photo to attach to their files and mine. To be clear, there is no place I haven’t searched trying to find my book. That fire destroyed a lot of records and the ones I have now were and abbreviated form from the VA’s records. Other than that, I have nothing. Perhaps I can find someone here who’ll help me. My health is not great right now. Thanks………… Semper Fi

Paul Prosise - July 15, 2020

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