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Stolen Valor

By: Nick0311/8531

A recent news story regarding a Fake Army Nurse( Vietnam and Iraq Wars) that stole a seat on an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. gave some one the idea to start a Dishonor Flight but there are certain criteria :
1) Must possess a forged or blurred ,in the proper spaces, DD-214 or claim that your records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the NPRC. Note: a certified copy will not be accepted .
2)Must wear a leather vest with as many pins and,or patches that you can fit.
3)If you are wearing a ribbon stack or any medals they must be arranged out of order and any combat medals can not be DOD engraved.
4) Must have the proper Combat Veterans hat with the war of choice,even if you were to young or old at the time of conflict.
5) Must be able to tell at least one war story that can not be verified or that you were the lone survivor. Better if you were captured and escaped
6) If you require a service animal you must have the proper fake papers to be seated in first class
You can contact Juan A Bee at the dishonor flight HQ.

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Vic 1371 - April 5, 2020

One way to tell a stolen valor a$$hole is they will talk continuously about all the battles they were in and how many men they killed. Most who actually served in combat don’t want to relive this experience telling their war stories. I don’t. I lived it and it resurfaces to the front of my brain enough without forcing it to come out again. My$0.02 worth. Semper Fi Brothers.

Harry 1371 - April 5, 2020

Hey Bob, Was never in Dong Ha I was 7th engr. based out of Camp Love about 10 miles north of Da Nang just west of Red Beach (FLC) Spent time mostly at the Liberty Bridge ,Dia-Loc area or south near Hoi An sometime north through Hai Van Pass Harry 1371

Bob 1381 - April 5, 2020

Harry……Weren’t you in the Engineers at Dong Ha in 1967? We left Camp Evans around February or March 1967 and moved to Dong Ha. I was in A Co 3rd Shore Party over on the south side of the air strip next to the big ammo dump. Luckily I rotated back back to the USA before the NVA hit the dump with artillery. I heard from a buddy of mine that was still there when the ammo dump was blown. The way he talked, ordinance was blown up and some came down and demolished the entire Shore Party area. Engineers came over in trucks and got them out. He also said that they had spent many, many hours in bunkers due to the falling ordinance. Bob 1381

Harry 1371 - April 5, 2020

Hey Gene I have a good buddy that was with C-1/9 early 66-67 One of the ops he will talk about was Deckhouse V in the Mekong Came off float on the IWO JIMA Harry

Nick 0311/8531 - April 5, 2020

Years ago a” Veteran” came to our Legion to join his DD-14 showed Vietnam Service Medal and Campaign Medal but no overseas service.All of his time was accounted for but no sea duty or overseas duty . A closer look revealed that another type writer was used to forge it.What a dumb ass

Bob 1381 - April 5, 2020

Doc, they would just find a way to counterfeit it with fictitious information…..Bob 1381

HM3 David Stahmer, India 3/26 & Alpha 1/5, Nov 69 to Oct 70 - April 5, 2020

Dear Sgt. Grit, In order to make it clear who’s a TRUE or a WANTABE, everyone who was in any branch of the military will be required to buy a t-shirt from you with their DD214 printed on the back and wear it at all times. LOL

Gene T. Deatley - April 5, 2020

Really enjoyed the ‘dishonor’ flight story. Thanks. In Mazrch of 1967, 1/9 come off an operation into DMZ. When we got down by a road there were two tents set up. The red cross had set up a chow line to feed up hot food. We filed into a tent and were issued a metal tray with chicken, mashed potatoes and beans. The problem was that the rain was so strong my mashed taters were almost washed overboard. The round eyed red cross workers reminded us of our mothers as the youngest was about 45 years old. Good chicken though.

Mike Kunkel - April 5, 2020

Funny story (but sad all the same) a few years back i was volunteering at a half-way house where the occupants were supposed to be veterans. We would go there four times a year to cook chow for them and then sit with them to eat and mingle and generally BS with them as well. Sgt Grit was generous enough to provide tee-shirts and sweatshirts for the Marine vets who were living there. I had no proof of who was actually a Marine or who was a fake, but there was this old lifer Viet Nam vet Gunny there who was always able to run interference for me and tell me who was real and who was full of shit. So I show up for the winter meal just before Christmas with the Grit gifts, but there was one new guy that the ole Gunny was not able to verify yet, but the guy told me he was a Marine and I had an extra shirt so I gave him one. He yells over to me, “Hey, I’m a Marine, you got a shirt for me?” When the meal was over and I was leaving I went around to all of the Vets living there and thanked them for his or her service and as I walked outside I saw the guy who claimed to be a Marine and I yelled over to him, “Merry Christmas Jarhead!” And he replied to me, “MF-er don’t call me no Jarhead, what’s wrong with you!” I replied, “Hey, gimme that shirt back” and just then one of the occupants who actually was a Marine, tore into him and yelled, Haa, yeah I thought your ass was fake, you don’t know what a Jarhead is, do you know the Marine Corp birthday M F-er?”. These pieces of human dung probably number more than the actual veterans who served. Sad.

0331 Mike

Harry 1371 - April 5, 2020

Hey Bob late in my TOD I took an in-country R&R at Marble Mt.(China Beach) got hooked up with a really cute (DELTA-DELTA) Red Cross worker. It cost me though!! I was broke in no time!! Harry

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