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Stolen Valor

By: Harry

Most of you have probably read or, have seen the latest story of stolen valor It is one of the most pathetic and perverted story I have seen in quite a while.If you have not I will sum it up for you. A former Marine and Iraq war vet is facing up to 21 years in prison for using the story of another vet who lost both legs in a humvee explosion and, later took his on life. In short he claimed to have a TBI and not only received va benefits but was also given a home from some charity.How does this happen ? What other perks did he receive in the past? He was outed by another Marine that did witness the incident.He has to have forged records ,not just an embellished story. This story is bothering me more,and really has me ticked because, we have been writing the past few days and trying to help a Brother that is not only fighting cancer but fighting the va to get one stupid rule changed and this no good s o b collects disability and gets health care and a new freakn’ house from fake injury!!! The system is more than just broken it is FUBAR!! It just boggles my mind and I am angry today and that is not good since I have failed all of my anger management classes !!! That’s just a joke to lighten the mood a little. I am still foxtrotn’ mad!!

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James P Hearley - June 13, 2020


rob - June 13, 2020

what outfit in chu-lai “65 ?

Jim - June 13, 2020

Put the maggot faced scum bag in jail. What a piece of flippin s___t . There are so many people out there that really need it. What a disgrace!!!

Chet - June 13, 2020

Yep… (3) years…. otherwise I Guess I’d be in Violation and my DD-214 was printed Incorrectly.

James P Hearley - June 13, 2020

Hey Mike, OORAH!!!!!!

Bob Adcock - June 13, 2020

An old Vietnam buddy and I were touring civil war battlefields in VA, MD & PA. We were in a restaurant when a guy wearing a cover with The Emblem walked by. He stopped and said he was in Lima, 3/1 in ’67 & ’68. Bill and I perked up because we were in H&S 3/1 during that period. One of us said to this “marine” so you were there on 27 Dec 67? (3/1 had 48 kia’s, 17 in Lima including the CO & XO; Not a day anyone in 3/1 doesn’t remember) He said: “All those days just blend together”……Bill said: “So you weren’t there!” He turned and left. Still not sure if he was ever in the Corps but I’m positive he wasn’t in Lima, 3/1 on 27 Dec 67.

Mike Martyna - June 13, 2020

Back in the late 60’s was aboard a ship and in a head – Acey Ducey game. Caught the a$$hole dealing from the bottom of the deck. I wanted to kick the guys teeth out but did a better part of valor and just left the game, but not before expressing what I saw to the rest. Turned out better for me in the long run. Was field promoted a week or two later to E-4 which probably would have not happened otherwise. There is an old saying that goes ‘you can trust a Marine with your life, just not with your money or your wife.’ I know of a situation where in VN the Sgt (Staff or Gunny) in charge of the mess hall at 3/7 got caught doctoring the books about what we were being served and pocketing the difference. The food was absolutely horrible. Don’t recall what happened to him. They even had to put guards on the ‘C’ rats stores because people didn’t want to eat at the mess hall. They are everywhere whether thieves or stolen valor. Expose them but don’t take it personally. Taking it personally doesn’t help but only hurts you!

Mike Kunkel - June 13, 2020

Stolen Valor is really rampant here lately. Google “stolen valor” and you literally find hundreds of videos of people confronting phony veterans and or current servicemen and women. Some of them are so stupid you almost feel a bit sorry for them, but 90% of them piss me off to no end. I have personally encountered three fakes over the past five years. One fake SEAL and two fake Marines. The fake SEAL I work with currently and I am 99% sure he is fake but I am not completely sure, but the two fake Marines I was able to uncover by asking them no more than 3 questions. I just can’t understand how these assholes continue to get away with it, but it pisses me off immensely to say the least. You watch these videos and no one is asking them questions like their platoon number in boot camp, or their DIs names, or their MOS. Theses fuckers should rot in hell with the brokedick assholes who burn our flag! Semper Fi brothers and sisters. CPL Mike Kunkel

Frank - June 13, 2020

Thank you!

Dan - June 13, 2020

I hear ya brother! Pray all turns out well for your buddy!

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