Stolen Valor

By: Nick0311/8531

A recent news story regarding a Fake Army Nurse( Vietnam and Iraq Wars) that stole a seat on an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. gave some one the idea to start a Dishonor Flight but there are certain criteria :
1) Must possess a forged or blurred ,in the proper spaces, DD-214 or claim that your records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the NPRC. Note: a certified copy will not be accepted .
2)Must wear a leather vest with as many pins and,or patches that you can fit.
3)If you are wearing a ribbon stack or any medals they must be arranged out of order and any combat medals can not be DOD engraved.
4) Must have the proper Combat Veterans hat with the war of choice,even if you were to young or old at the time of conflict.
5) Must be able to tell at least one war story that can not be verified or that you were the lone survivor. Better if you were captured and escaped
6) If you require a service animal you must have the proper fake papers to be seated in first class
You can contact Juan A Bee at the dishonor flight HQ.

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  • Bill 0331

    I assume you are referring to the 84 year old Maggie,retired Ltcol that received the Silver Star for combat in Vietnam? No woman received the Silver Star in the time between WW2 and Iraq/Afghan wars. Also read this is not her first rodeo there are claims that this was her 4th flight. That criteria for the dishonor flight is great!! I know guys that wear that kind of stuff almost everyday Bill 0331

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