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Stone Faced Few

by LCpl Keel

All this happiness,
All of these sorrows,
Bottled up anger and a smirk on the surface,
Do you all see this?
We rose to the call,
and at times of inspection we shine,
Eyes clouded with worry and doubt,
carrying the weight,
Endless humps and a longing glance,
A thousand yard stare and a sneer from one passing by,
Cold beyond the soul,
Clambering hands that search for our hearts,
Promises of punishment to those who hurt the ones we have,
On the inside these eyes see red,
On the outside, rifle in hand and a stone set face,
Our hands ready to release the anger,
Wishing to drop the weight,
Lashing out,
And still wondering why,
We see you walk by,
With your fake smiles and forced laughs,
Your ever critical stare,
Criticize I.
Not ME,
for there was only once a soul.
Not US,
for we have done nothing so undeserving as to receive what you readily dish out. Happily force feeding,
yet can you swallow your own poisonous criticism?
Have we lost these “souls” as you say,
or do you simply take your easy route and ignore them?
We watch you as your behavior is strange.
A cry for help then a shove from our shelter,
Were moving on.
Boots laced tight,
endless miles ahead.
True laughter and a shot held high for those who are gone.
We are ready,
Then the surface calms and the thousand yard stare is regained.

BY: LCpl Keel
CLB-7 Twentynine Palms CA.

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