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Dear Sgt. Grit,

Hi my name is Misty Bergman. I am married to Cpl. Bergman, Braden. (USMC) Back in February, I wrote a poem about how i felt about my husband leaving for Iraq. Cpl. Bermgan read it, and thought i should send it Sgt. Grit. Here’s a little info about the two of us.

We have known each other since 2000. We started dating December 2004. In november of 2006, He proposed to me at the marine ball. We set a date for december 1, 2007. In October, Cpl. Bergman received his activation letter. (his active dates were from 12/3/07-12/2/08) We talked, and decided to go on with the wedding. After some training, he got to come home for a little bit. While he was home, i wrote a poem. Cpl. Bergman read it, and asked if i would share with Sgt. Grit.

Thank you for your time,
Misty Bergman
Semper Fi

by Misty Bergman

She embraced his picture close to her heart, as if her life depended on it. Every memory of the two of them danced in her mind, and soared through her heart. Watching the love of her life, her hero, walk away. Her eyes became misty, and the tears rolled down like rivers.

She longed for one more hug, one more kiss, one more “I LOVE YOU.” Looking at his back as he walked away, was like being nailed in the heart. Who can stop a man from doing something he loves? That takes strength and courage?

He is the one who longs for her hug, her kiss, her warmth, her soft skin, and undying love.

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