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Such As Regiments Hand Down Forever

Such As Regiments Hand Down Forever
by Jim Isajewicz, 2007

At attention; as the Anthem plays
I remember the look on each man?s face.
As I stand straight, some of them stoop
But each man?s heart is tall

So the music ends; all hands retract
And forward comes the entire pack
Of Devil Dogs, less lean but mean
As any of us have been.

?Belleau Wood? They say to me
?Iwo Jima, Inchon, and Hue City,
These are where our names are forged
In blood, and sweat, and tears.?

?Fallujah,? I reply to them,
Kandahar, Ramadi, and Al Qaim,
These are where your name continues
And where we persevere.?

My heart, having just been tested
Now my uniform is inspected
A stripe of Red, for blood let out
Streams boldly down each leg.

And at my side, a Mameluke
Much like the one O?Bannon took
As a tribute from Prince Hamet
On The Shores of Tripoli

And where once stood a leather band,
As defense against the enemy?s hand
Is an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor;
The eternal icon of the Corps

They look at me right in the eye
And say to me, ?Semper Fi?
?Now carry these Colors proud
Right to the doorstep of our foes.?

As they share with me a strong embrace
I remember the look on each man?s face
As Brothers who?ve never met before
Now share a holy Name.

For across the generational sea
Spans a Legacy from them to me
?Such as regiments hand down forever?
The coveted name, ?Marine?


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