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Summer of 1957 Admin |

By: Connly,David E.

In the summer of “57” I was in A Company 2nd Shore Party Bn. And we were training Midshipman in Amphibious Operations. There was some kind of NATO bash and all the ships were dressed out and we were standing at attention on the 02 deck of the Donner LSD14 The Blue Angels did their own review! When they did their fly by we were able to look down into the cockpits! They were leaving a wake! As with most of the stories that are posted here much of this one is true!

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I don’t have a sea story to share ,But I think the present format of this newsletter leaves much to be desired. The several shorter posts that used to appear in the former version was in my opinion very enjoyable reading experience rather than the two or three items in the new version.Did this change in format coincide with the company’s move from OKC to the new location.

Bob Lake !957-1963,

I agree with all of the others who do not like this format. It may look better but it is very difficult to read. Flipping back and forth is absurd, timely, cumbersome, all of the above. I vote to at least keep the story on one page. Or when you go to the internet, stay there for the rest of the newsletter.

Alan Kudla,

I do not like the newsletter format either.

Michael Kirby,

It looks like when Sgt. Grit moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas, the Clinton’s got involved. Now nothing is a straight story! Let’s get the Oklahomans back involved!

Hal Gosnell,

The new format does stink, anyway you can go the old one? Sgt.O

Rick Oldenburg,

Sgt. Grit. This new format SUCKS. We do not like it. Please change it.

Sgt. William Bessent,

I agree with the other comments here. The previous format was much more user friendly. It makes me not as excited to read the newsletter.

Rick Byers,

Agree with my Brothers- do not like new format either- will read it- not happy with it? As always a pleasure to see what we as Marines look forward to this informative piece. Sad to see so much Segregation in early years of our History with Black- ( Afro- American Units)

Bruce Bender CPL USMC (Vietnam Era Marine ),

What a damn mess this newsletter is. For what its worth you can stop mine.

Sgt. John T. Lefker,

Please revert to the old newsletter format.the new one is convoluted and much shorter than the others. Why isn’t anyone listening. Did sgt Grit turn into a 2nd lieutenant? I’ll start shopping at other sites for a while.

Robert J. Doherty,

Trying to read this newsletter is like going to the slop chute and getting a water downed milk shake.Come on & get back to the old way. if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it!!!!!!!!!

Bill REED,

Reading the “new and ‘improved’ newsletter is like trying to read a book by flipping the same pages back and forth to get the jest of the darn thing and when you put the book down you don’t know if you read the whole book or not! Please take this loyal readers advise and return to the previous format.

David S. Martinez,

Who ever decided a new format for the news letter was needed should be court martialed. It wasn’t broke and didn’t need fixing! User friendly is the key and this format ain’t. Sgt. Grit, lets see if you have the coconuts to give an order to whom ever to revert to old format

Larry Milton Former SSgt of Marines ’64-’68,

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