Summer of 1957

By: Connly,David E.

In the summer of “57” I was in A Company 2nd Shore Party Bn. And we were training Midshipman in Amphibious Operations. There was some kind of NATO bash and all the ships were dressed out and we were standing at attention on the 02 deck of the Donner LSD14 The Blue Angels did their own review! When they did their fly by we were able to look down into the cockpits! They were leaving a wake! As with most of the stories that are posted here much of this one is true!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • James Christensen SSgt 1968-76

    There is, at the bottom of the main page, their snail mail address. Spend a stamp and flood their inbox with your comments. They obviously don’t read the online comments so maybe a few sacks of mail will get their attention. Semper Fi

  • Robert T. Nam ’66/’67

    I used to look forward to getting the your weekly newsletter. Speaking as a Vietnam vet from the mid sixties, there was a lot of letters about places, units, etc. that I could relate to. Now, I hardly get through the first or second letter before I delete it. The old format usually had enough letters that there was something of interest no matter when or where you served. I urge you to return to the old format.

  • Mark Hite

    If you’re not going to fix/change/return-to-the-old newsletter format then take my name off the subscription list. It’s a pain in the ass and not worth the hassle!

  • Jim Arnold

    I don’t care for your new format. The old newsletter had a lot more stories. I wish you would go back to the old way !!

  • Cpl Dave Roth 1956-1961

    The Grit isn’t responding . . . . maybe the Grit quit ?

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